Phantoms Cannabliss – DELTA 8 Vape Cartridge 1 GRAM – PINEAPPLE EXPRESS


A sativa-dominant hybrid that will give you a crazy head high and induce euphoria, with a cross between Hawaiian and Trainwreck.

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Phantoms Cannabliss -DELTA 8 Vape Cartridge 1 GRAM – PINEAPPLE EXPRESS

Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

At Phantoms Cannabliss, we do it right. We believe quality starts with the ingredients.

We start with Delta 8 distillate derived from organically grown hemp in California that’s full panel tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides, and certified not to contain any of those contaminants, by an ISO-accredited laboratory! We get the highest quality distillate on the market, with purity around 92% Delta 8! 

Then, we mix that with the highest grade Hemp-derived & Botanical-derived terpenes we could find! Our flavors are hand crafted by an industry leading, expert crafter of terpenes and flavor profiles, who have years of experience in creating the ultimate flavor!

This product is for the seasoned enthusiast as well as the luckiest beginners, i.e. the perfect product for consuming Delta 8!

Pick up a Phantoms Cannabliss cartridge today and step into the future of hemp!

  • Absolutely No MCT, PG, PEG, or VG
  • No Vitamin E Acetate (IN ANY FORM)
  • Stable and not prone to crystallization (no bricked carts)
  • For the best experience, we recommend a battery voltage between 2.0 and 3.0.This keeps the vapor from becoming harsh and keeps the cartridge performing consistently across sessions.